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  • 金叶娱乐平台首页app. is a professional manufacturer enterprise engaged in wire and cable manufacture equipment and wire end processing equipment.

    Our main products: wire coiling machine,wire binding machine,wire stripping machine,wire cutting machine,  terminal crimping machine, tube cutting machine,wire peeling machine, etc.

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  • Address:NO 58 Building,Yuemeijia Park, Jimei District, Xiamen city, Fujian Province, China
  • Tel:+86-0592-8628902
    MB/Webchat:+86-18965153335 Fax:86-0592-6065010
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  • XIAMEN FREEDE INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. wire stripping machine|wire cutting machine|terminal crimping machine,Wire Harness Tape Wrapping Machine,Automatic adhesive tape wrapping machine,tape bundle machine,Tape wrapping machine,wire taping machine,Automatic tape winding machine,wire wrapping machine,Automatic Cable Cutting and Winding Machine, Cable Winding and Tying Machine, Nylon Cable Tie Tying Machine, Wire Binding Machine, Wire Bundling Machine, Twist Tie Machine